Boat Shows – Miami and Annapolis

Thank God for the internet, boat blogs, and Cruisers Forum for the wealth of inspirational and practical education.  There’s so much great information out there, and just like with any subject, you have to sift through the many perspectives and biased opinions to reach your own conclusions.  Along the way, we needed to actually go see some boat. The highlight of the years leading up to our big decision were our visits to the Miami and Annapolis boat shows.  We found an overwhelming array of vendors, hyping every imaginable boat and boat accessory.  I don’t know if we felt dumber or smarter, but our heads were spinning.

At these shows, it was fun to meet some of our own cruising heroes:  John Kretschmer, Andy Schell & Mia Karlsson, Behan Gifford, Paul & Sheryl Shard, Pam Wall, and John & Amanda Neal.  While we stalked these accomplished sailors like groupies, we were amazed at how accessible they are to mere mortals like us.  Through their books, blogs, lectures, and podcasts, they have helped our dreams of cruising come true —thank you!

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