First Visit to Argentina

Having a boat built in a far away country is not for the faint of heart, and we would not recommend it for first time boat owners.  However, we knew the quality and craftsmanship of Antares boats built by the 40 Grados Sur shipyard to be high and we were committed.  Shortly after construction began, Glenn flew down to meet with the builder and tour the shipyard located on the upper Rio Plata in San Fernando, just outside of Buenos Aires.
40 Grados Sur shipyard in Argentina
In the first video, we are touring Freefall, an in-production Antares 44 similar to ours.  Memo Castro, owner of 40 Grados Sur, is the bearded guy in the blue shirt.

Below is Sancho Castro showing me the woodworking and metal fabrication shops.

Below, Sancho Castro shows me the fiberglass shop where our boat’s hull is being molded and assembled.

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