Winter Visit to Argentina and Mira

GLENN:  As Mira approached the final phases of construction, I made my second trip to Argentina.  As with building a house, there were decisions to make which were best done in person.  Fortunately, this coincided with the splash of our sister ship, Idlewild.  The owner was about to take delivery and invited me to join him in his commissioning and sea trials.

Boarding the 9hr flight to BA

I booked my flight and took advantage of the opportunity to bring down the first of three loads of gear for our boat.  This was the smallest load…


Arrival the next morning in BA











The transition from leaving Summer in the northern hemisphere to arriving to Winter in Argentina was abrupt (40F degrees and raining) as I hit the ground and headed to the 40 Grados Sur shipyard.  I was eager to see Mira!

There she was ….great progress but not quite ready for the ocean, and with much still left to do.  The builder promised Mira would launch on schedule and I continued with my busy agenda for the week in San Fernando.  Here are some of the highlights.

Meeting with the professional delivery crew who would sail Mira to the Caribbean when she’s ready to go
Exploring the town of San Fernando, home of the 40 Grados Sur shipyard
Sampling the local beverages

Despite all the above hardships…the highlight of the week was sailing on board Idlewilde with her owner and the team from 40 Grados Sur.  In fact, Idlewild was my home for the week.


Idlewilde and her proud owner





A cold day on the Rio de la Plata!

Next steps:

Mira is scheduled to splash during the last week of September, so I returned home full of new Antares boat knowledge and grateful for the experience.  Thank you JR and the team at 40GS.  Lots of work back home preparing for our fast approaching delivery date.  We’ll be back to Argentina soon!


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