Argentina Bound!

PAMELA:  Shaking off the cobwebs from the 11 hour flight from Atlanta, Glenn and I slowly gathered our seven 70 lb totes filled with boat gear (I promise they were not all filled with my shoes) and headed for Customs. We were a little nervous as we headed down the lane marked “nothing to declare”. Luckily, the Argentine officials agreed with our description of used household items for boat in transit, and we were on our way. Off to the factory! The Antares 44 catamaran boat builder, 40 Grados Sur, is located in San Fernando – a small working class suburb 45 minutes from Buenos Aires. I couldn’t wait to get my first look at Mira. Glenn had already seen her during his visit in July to help out the previous Antares boat to splash – Idlewild.

She looked huge to me, so beautiful, and Mira seemed ready to break out of her factory bonds for her early October splash. But, the factory still had some work to finish. Eager to escape the dreary southern Argentina spring, Pam and Glenn headed to the sunny north of Argentina for some fun touring.

Glenn prepared to do battle with his 7 totes!


Pam’s first glimpse of Mira in the factory in San Fernando!


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