Buenos Aires

PAM:  With barely a day and a half to spend in Buenos Aires before getting back to San Fernando and Mira, we needed some help. Joy, a lively and knowledgable guide, was recommended by the talented concierges at the Fierro Hotel in Palermo.  She spent the day with us – showing off her many talents. She was at the same time – an historian, an art curator, a traffic cop, and an entertaining companion! Fun was had by all! Walking around Buenos Aires, we felt a bit of deja vu. It was like we were in Europe somewhere – although we couldn’t quite put our finger on just where.The feel of the cityscape is a strange transplanted mix of France, Italy, Germany and Spain with a South American flair all its own.

I have to say it – “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina!” The presence of Eva Peron is everywhere. Even at the site of her crypt – where the line of visitors still weaves down the corridor.


Pam and Joy enjoying one of the many important squares in the city.


Architecture varies from the graffiti’d walls of the slums
to the French influenced mansions downtown.








Whimsical monument in the middle of the major promenade of the city.


Food truck – Argentine style! One of the best parts of the day – bondiollas – crunchy hot bread, juicy sliced pork, melted cheese and a myriad of condiments! Heaven!
Iconic Tango Show – couldn’t miss this!
Delicious 7 course tasting menu at Dario Gualtieri Bistro with Mendoza wine pairings – ended up buying cases of this wine!
The food  was art!

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