Sailing Mira!

PAM: After the excitement of the splash, there was still much work remaining. The mast had to be “stepped” and all of the rigging installed. There was some last minute window work and electronics calibrating.  We had already tested and re-tested all of the systems while Mira was still in the factory – mechanical, plumbing, electrical. But, now it was time to take her out on the Rio de la Plata and down the coast to Buenos Aires. We would test every sail, every winch, every line in as many wind conditions as we could find over the several days of sailing. As we watched Mira sail effortlessly through the water, Glenn and I became increasingly thankful for the amazing 40 Grados Sur team that put together our beautiful Antares.  Memo Castro, Sancho Castro and Mariano Sellanes led 50+ talented craftsmen through every phase of the build.  It was amazing to watch them bring all their expertise together to produce this gorgeous catamaran.

Mast being stepped on Mira. Shockingly the whole process took less than an hour.

Mariano, Sancho and Glenn SO happy after the splash!

Main and genoa unfurled for the first time
Custom designed asymmetrical spinnaker
Happy new owners
First time at Mira’s helm
The pit masters!
Each time an Antares boat is completed, there is a traditional Argentine Asado celebration with spectacularly grilled meats. Glenn and I were proud to thank each one of the 50 craftsmen personally and enjoy the delicious lunch with them!

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