St. Vincent – a pleasant surprise!

St. Vincent, the master of the Grenadines, has gotten a bad reputation in recent years – sadly, most of it deserved. Glenn and I honeymooned on Young Island, just off the coast of St. Vincent, more than 32 years ago. We have returned to visit Young Island by sailboat once before – introducing the kids to our favorite memories. But, since our last visit – St. Vincent has had increasing trouble protecting its visitors from island crime. Therefore, on our way north from Bequia to St. Lucia, we decided to stop for only one night along the west coast of St. Vincent – mostly to break up the long sail. We were surprised and delighted at all that Cumberland Bay had to offer!

Cumberland Bay is a deep and enchanting bay and part of an estate in the heart of St. Vincent. Unspoiled by tourism, there are still plenty of kind folks happy to help you anchor, take you on a tour or feed you!
We approached Cumberland with a bit of caution – mostly, because we knew we needed to anchor stern to the shore and then tie a line to a palm tree to secure the boat from swinging. Kind of a red neck European “med moor”. This was a first on Mira! It took a bit of doing, but finally success!!
Mira tied stern to a palm tree! The Bay is so deep and small – all the boats anchor in a row tied to the shore. Thank goodness for Carlos’ help!
As soon as we settled our anchor, the boat boys arrived to show us their wares. Wesley had some delicious fruits & vegetables, and of course, lots of stories to tell!
Joseph, who has raised his family in this Bay for generations, helped to orchestrate the controlled chaos of anchoring boats properly in Cumberland Bay.
We felt very safe the entire time we were in Cumberland. Spirited Lady, the yacht beside us, had been visiting this bay for 17 years.
A calm and beautiful sunset

We left our anchorage on St. Vincent at 5:00 am the next morning – pitch black and blinding fog – another first for Pam and Glenn on Mira. The trickiest step was not – leaving the anchorage without scraping the steep cliffs but rather – untying our stern line from the palm tree while raising the anchor – all without bumping our very close boat neighbor – in the pitch dark!! Luckily, we had almost no wind, and Glenn was able to pull himself along the line in the dinghy, untie and then we were able to slink out slowly and carefully.

We were a little nervous about this next sail – which could take us anywhere from 8-12 hours. The channel of open ocean between St. Vincent and St. Lucia is notorious for crazy gusty winds and seas like a washing machine. It did not disappoint! Winds were predicted to be up to 15 knots, and we had gusts of 25 knots with off/on wind shifts and rain squalls and therefore, sail changes. We were so happy to spot the Pitons looming in the south of St. Lucia!

Exhausted but happy to have the Pitons in our sights!


5 thoughts on “St. Vincent – a pleasant surprise!

  • We had the same thing…I took us about 5 miles off the coast of St Vincent…and we still got smacked by the winds coming over, around and through the island…glad to hear you had a good stop at Cumberland Bay…I considered it, but we opted to go the long sail from Bequia to Soufiere…and yes seeing those Pitons is one of those sights you never forget as a sailor. There is no way to describe them. We loved Rodney Bay – want to go back for Jazz Festival! I will be in BVI from 3/9 – 3/18…then back for Spring Regatta on 3/24 – 28. In Antigua starting 4/21 and then head down to Guadeloupe (DesHaise) and Ile DeSainte – Terra Haut. We are going to try to got Marigot Bay in St Martin if I get good reports – the marina at Fort Louis is open. Y’all stay safe! Til soon. If you need help in BVI – let me know, I will get you in touch with the people who take care of my boat.


  • Wow! Wow! Wow! So exciting – you make me feel like I am right there with you! I think you should write a book next. You two are pros. Keep having the adventures of your lives. Love you both😘😘😘


  • OMG – you guys are being SO brave…….good thing you are both great sailors!!! Looks like a great time! Loving the blog! Take care!


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