Bequia – One of the Jewels of the Grenadine Island Chain

Bequia has long been a favorite Caribbean island of ours – from our brief first visit on a day sail during our honeymoon on Young Island, St. Vincent in 1985, to a longer visit during a week-long sailing charter with the kids in 2009. We have always vowed to visit Bequia again. Luckily, we were able to stay 6 days this trip, and it was all that we expected. From gorgeous sunsets from Mira in Admiralty Bay (our anchorage for the week) to hiking the island to swimming gorgeous Princess Margaret Beach to dancing under the stars during the Bequia Jazz Fest ( thanks for the tip – Mark & Sara!) – Bequia was delightful!

Port Elizabeth, Bequia’s only town, sits at the head of Admiralty Bay. Colorful homes and fishing boats dot the hillside and bay.
Shops and vendor stands line the main street of Port Elizabeth.
Plenty of sailboats litter Admiralty Bay.
Bars, restaurants, shops and small hotels are strung together – joined by a meandering path along the water’s edge.

While in desperate search of TV coverage of the NFL playoffs on tiny Carriacou Island, we met up with Mark and Sara from Minnesota. We were able to catch them again on Bequia. First for happy hour on their beautiful catamaran, and then, Bequia Jazz Fest!
Deanna, one of the finalists on X Factor, was one of the performers.
Luscious garden on the hike down to Back Bay.
Princess Margaret Beach
During a short afternoon squall, I discovered Glenn like this – still changing the oil in the watermaker locker. No need to stop a boat project – just because of a little rain. Life is not all sunny sailing & beaches on Mira …..






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