St. Lucia – Margie/Mom visits Mira!

Sailboats move – whether sailing or at anchor or in a marina – they still move – sometimes a lot! So when my 82 year old mother, Margie, (Meemaw to her 9 grandchildren) announced that she wanted to visit us on Mira, I was nervous. Glenn was more than nervous. Granted, Mom is very active – walking miles every day, taking exercise classes, driving all over Atlanta, etc, etc – but, still ……… a sailboat?!?!

So, a plan was hatched. We would dock Mira at the Rodney Bay Marina on St. Lucia, and mom would come and visit. But, she would spend the night in the Harbour Club Hotel adjacent to the Marina – not on the sailboat. It was a perfect plan! We explored the beautiful island of St. Lucia both by day sails and by car.  She ate many meals on Mira – as well as at some delicious restaurants. Mom climbed in and out of the dinghy (our only car) onto the dock next to Mira and also, on to the dock at the Harbour Club. By the way, climbing in and out of a “bucking bronco” dinghy in winds and waves is not an easy feat! I myself have been known to take a dip or two due to a misstep out of the dinghy!

Mom & Pam at the helm (is that a good idea?) on a day sail down the western coast of St. Lucia to Marigot Bay.
Sunset over Mira in Rodney Bay Marina
Exploring the fishing villages and bays on the mountainous, switchback roads of the western coast of St. Lucia by car – the Pitons in the distance.
The startling views of Gross and Petit Piton from our delicious outdoor lunch table at the Ladera Resort, on the outskirts of Soufriere. Truly one of the best views on the island.

The place to shop for fruits, vegetables, and spices on St. Lucia is the hundred-year-old market in Castries. A mishmash of outdoor stands, covered buildings, and crowded passageways – Mom and I needed an entire morning to navigate all of the choices and smells!
Lunch at the Pink Plantation House – 140 year French colonial home with a talented artist of hand painted ceramics in residence.
The view of the St. Lucia coastline and Martinique in the distance from the Pink Plantation House, in the hills overlooking the capital, Castries.
Of course, Mom and I had to spend at least one afternoon enjoying the bar and pool at the Harbor Club.






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