Mira stayed and stayed and stayed on St. Lucia

Embarking on our sailing adventure to see the world very, very slowly, Glenn and I were looking forward to lingering and getting to experience each island’s people, culture, and food. Little did we know that we would come to know St. Lucia very, very well!

St. Lucia is a beautiful island where we had planned to spend two weeks – one week with Mom and one week getting some boat work done on Mira. We would end up spending 22 days (Jan 23- Feb 16) on this lovely island. While we anxiously awaited the arrival of boat parts from Argentina, the volatile Eastern Caribbean weather took a turn for the worse. Our good weather window was slamming shut. Glenn spends part of every day analyzing the weather. Since we live on the water, direction and strength of the wind and waves is really important to us. We use a variety of weather reports. Mira receives a daily email report from the Marine Weather Center. We also usually listen to the MWC’s morning broadcast on the SSB radio. Glenn also favors both the PredictWind and Windy apps – both provide amazing amounts of weather detail by the hour. On St. Lucia, by the time the boat parts arrived and were installed – every weather source Glenn could find declared only emergency boat travel between islands for the foreseeable future. Winds were gusting over 40 knots and waves were 10-13 feet with short duration. Even worse, we were planning to head north – straight into the gusts!

So… we stayed and stayed and stayed ……. snorkeled, dove, hiked, swam, picked up trash, ate lots, and finished many boat projects.  St. Lucia is a tropical paradise, and we made the most of our time there!

Stunning coral and fish during our dive and snorkel on Anse Cochon off the west coast of St. Lucia!

Naturally hot Diamond Baths along with a beautiful tropical garden.
Drive-in Volcano that looks like a scene straight from hell, barren with bubbling grey mud oozing up with huge spurts of steam. Such a contrast to the amazing lush of the rest of the island.
Amazing tropical plants and fruits
Diamond Falls filled with minerals pours into a pool.

Climbing to the top of Pigeon Island, the main base for the British navy in this area.
There’s always a cool cave or cliff to explore.

Early one Saturday morning, we joined a group of Island volunteers to clean up a long stretch of road through Rodney Bay.

The best part of the clean-up was the wonderful Beach BBQ and rum punch lunch on Pigeon Island!
Living on a sailboat, we are fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people – miss you, Sara and Mark!! 🙂
Valerie and Tim, let’s meet in Australia sometime soon!
Mira – heading out of Rodney Bay, so happy to be sailing again!!

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