Thank You Antigua!

Thank you Antigua Yacht Club! Once again, Mother Nature reared her ugly head to fool with our sailing plans. Huge northerly swells swamped many Caribbean islands as a result of a tremendous weather storm system in the Northeast US in early March. Yachts were advised to hole up in southern harbors around the Caribbean for several days. We were lucky enough to get a tremendous slip right in the middle of the super yacht dock in the Antigua Yacht Club! Mira was a little overwhelmed, but Pam and Glenn were not!! πŸ˜‰

Small world! Our friends, Walton and Paige, from Atlanta were guests on the super yacht right next to us on the dock.
Enjoying a very fun evening and amazing sunset at the Shirley Heights traditional Sunday night Jump-Up – with our good friends from Sirenitie, Glen and Marilyn.

Spent one day on the beachfront at Catherine’s Cafe – yummy rose and brie.

We had our choice of delicious freshly-caught fish on the dock in Falmouth Harbor.


3 thoughts on “Thank You Antigua!

  • Good to receive your blogs Glenn – looks great – i think i mentioned I visited Alwoplast factory in Chile and Atlantic 47/49 alex owner and staff top crew alar Memo and his crew plus really nice set up cat, this was about 2 months after my BA trip to Antares in was it Oct 2017, stumbled across a Harvey Dix 550 for sale in Houston too big but they have a 47 and Dix the designer pointed me to Kel in melbourne aus who is building just returned from melb and she is about 50% complete elect engs etc looks interesting… maybe
    All the best


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