Nevis – on Mira? or at the Four Seasons?

Our travels took us next from Antigua to Nevis – a 50 nm – or about an 8 hour sail in early March. Beautiful weather.

When Glenn and I were sailing in Antigua about 4 years ago, we were having a few problems with our charter boat, and things got a bit tense. I remember distinctly saying – I just want to go to the Four Seasons on Nevis and lay on the beach!! 😔 Needless to say, I didn’t get to go, and here we are on Mira today – on Nevis!  And, I am so happy for that!

We spent 3 nights in a beautiful quiet anchorage off Pinney’s beach, just down from the Four Seasons, with a view of Nevis Peak – over 3,000 feet high – off our bow.
Nevis has a quiet and peaceful population of about 12,000 with lovely views, picturesque houses and delightful people. Nevisians have been careful to preserve their architectural heritage, and we enjoyed the history and their traditional Caribbean buildings.

The Nevisians are proud to call Alexander Hamilton a native son. We visited his modest home which has been restored and is a now a museum.

Abba, our well-versed and stoic guide for the day, toured us around his island for more than 5 hours. “Gingerland” is the area of Nevis just south of the Mountain. Many large, old plantations have been converted to small, luxurious hotels with magnificent grounds and views.

The Hermitage and The Montepelier are some of the most famous.
The Botanical Gardens of Nevis – six acres of plants from all over the world, and include orchids, cactuses and over 100 species of palms, flowering trees, as well as rivers and fountains.

The Golden Rock Inn’s gardens close to the rainforest  are vast, lush and spectacular.

We chose to return to the Golden Rock Inn the next day for a 4 hour round trip hike into the rainforest to the “Source” or the water source for the island.  An amazing trail wound its way up into the mountains – finally culminating in a narrow path with hundred foot drop off. We were rewarded by amazing views down to the ocean.

Monkeys were darting in and out of the forest.

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