St. Martin – boat work and staging for the BVI sail!

Mira next sailed to St. Martin from Saba – a short 4 hour sail, but a beautiful beam reach flying 9-10 knots the whole way – in late March.

We have sailed around St. Martin/St Maarten and St. Barts before, but we headed this way again for two reasons. One, Glenn needed a quiet anchorage to figure out why our generator wasn’t working, and two, it was the perfect spot to prepare for our first long overnight passage to Tortola in the BVI’s. We needed to check all of the boat systems and provision for the trip. St. Martin has wonderful grocery stores with delicious French products. I couldn’t wait to stock up!

We were unprepared for the devastation that still remained in French St. Martin from the massive hurricanes in September. We were speechless.

Luckily, the sunsets were still beautiful and the people were still French and the grocery stores were still stocked!
We anchored in Marigot Bay for a few nights until the lingering north swell prevented Glenn from working below decks – then, we retreated to Marigot Bay Marina – which is still recovering from hurricane damage, but served our needs well.
After replacing the generator boost pump, Glenn climbed the mast for the first time to inspect the rigging.
Thank goodness our friend, Glen, was there to man the winch!


Dinner the night before our overnight crossing to the BVI!

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