Pigs Beach and more Thunderball Grotto – can’t get enough of the Exumas!!

More sharing of Mira with family and friends – Kelly was able to take a week’s vacation with us at the end of May – and, we loved the Exumas so much we wanted to share with her!

Staniel Cay is a favorite Exuma destination about in the center of the chain. It is a bustling little settlement with good anchorages, first-class marina and lots to do. An added bonus is a little regional airport that accepts shuttles from Nassau and Ft Lauderdale. And, it is a LITTLE airport.

I told Kelly that we wouldn’t have any trouble finding her at baggage claim! Tiny, tiny airport on Staniel Cay.
We can’t remember the last time we were picked up at the airport by a golf cart! Gotta love the Exumas!
Adorable colored vacation cottages dot the water alongside Staniel Cay Yacht Club.


Go ahead Kelly – swim with the sharks!!














So happy to have my girl!


First up! The famous Pig Beach at Big Majors Spot. Who knew pigs could swim? No one really knows how the pigs got to the uninhabited island. Some say a group of sailors left them to come back and eat, or they swam from a shipwreck. Who knows? But today there are about 20 pigs and piglets hanging out on the beach waiting for funny tourists to take pictures.

Despite the warning big Mama Karma did not bite us in the butt!! She did chase us around though!

Our beautiful, blue-striped anchorage just off Pig Beach at Big Major’s Cay.

Next stop – Thunderball Grotto again! The Grotto was so amazing on our last visit, we had to show it to Kelly. I gasp every time I swim underneath the rock ledge and pop up in the middle of this magical cavern.

Snorkeling in the Bahamas is different than anywhere else we’ve been. Because the islands are fairly close together with narrow strips of water leading to ocean, there are usually strong currents ripping in between each small cay with the rise and fall of the daily tide. We learned to hold on tightly to a line attached to the dinghy (if the dinghy is anchored or tied to a mooring ball) or one person remains in the dinghy while the others hold on and “drift snorkel”. I might add that we learned this the hard way – after being swept away a few times!

Snorkeling a sunken drug smuggler’s plane near Cambridge Cay.



Mira way in the distance – from the top of Boo Boo Hill on Warderick Wells.
Waiting for the explosive shot of water through the cliffs.

Highbourne Cay is one of our all time favorite tiny Exuma islands to rest and relax! Highbourne is a private cay owned by three families. It is a very laid-back island with a few cottages for rent and beautiful grounds. The owners allow cruisers staying in their luxe marina to explore the island by bike and enjoy their stunning white sand beaches. What a treat!

And, we were off to cross the Yellow Bank to get to Nassau to join up with Patrick. Thank goodness, another uneventful crossing with no wayward coral heads scraping Mira’s lovely bottom!



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