Everyone should visit St. Lucia!

St. Lucia is one of our favorite island destinations. Despite not having many “friendly” anchorages, we love it so much that we made 3 visits this winter! Mira had visitors for several weeks in St. Lucia this February and March. St. Lucia has a little bit of everything – gorgeous beaches, colorful snorkeling, towering mountains, challenging hiking, bubbly hot springs, botanical gardens, authentic fishing towns, and great people.

One of our first stops – Marigot Bay is a well-protected little bay known for its picturesque beaches, blue waters and lacy palm trees.

Marigot Bay resort and marina is especially friendly to cruisers. If you pick up a mooring ball or stay in their marina, you have full access to their two pools, spa and restaurants. Of course, we made full use of their beautiful, tropical facilities!

Marigot Bay Resort and Marina
Yummy Indian dinner at Masala Bay with new friends from SV Alegria and SV Freebird.

The towering twin Pitons (volcanic mountain peaks) are iconic symbols of St. Lucia. Our next anchorage located in between the Pitons was exceptional. The surrounding waters are a marine park enabling great snorkeling off the stern of your boat.  Anchoring in this amazing place was a dream come true.  A few years ago, there was some trouble between visiting yachts and the locals from the nearby town of Soufriere. Consequently, yachts stopped anchoring there. Luckily for us, it is once again a safe and beautiful place to spend time.

Spectacular bird’s eye view of our anchorage between the Pitons.
Mira enjoying her anchorage.

The posh Sugar Beach Resort is located beside our anchorage on the white sand beach between the Pitons. A beautiful spot to relax and enjoy a delicious meal with Glen and Marilyn.

Grilled fresh lobster is a wonderful treat in the Caribbean. Glen on SV Sirentie’ gave us a valuable lesson in steaming the rascals, which kept trying to escape.

Sunset between the Pitons cannot be described. It’s best viewed at the Ladera Resort high up in the hills.

Soufriere is the town just beside our anchorage in the Pitons. Adorable kindergarteners paraded around the town to celebrate St. Lucia’s independence.

Banners and flags for St. Lucia Independence Day decorated the streets of Soufriere. Colorful local fish and vegetable market provided fresh dinner on the boat for us.

Sunshine, our favorite local boat boy, caught some fresh Caribbean lobster for Glenn to grill for Patti and Jim’s first night on Mira.

A wet day with Patti and Jim to visit Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens.

A hike up the Tet Paul Trail gave us a brilliant view of the Pitons and Mira’s anchorage below.
At the top of the Tet Paul Trail with Patti and Jim.

Relaxing day cruising up the coast of St. Lucia. Two leisurely snorkeling stops at Anse Chastanet and Anse Cochon.

Kelly’s first sunset between the Pitons in St. Lucia was stunning.

Happy hour on Mira’s bow never fails to entertain.

We have to share our favorite view with all of our visitors.
Our drone always draws a crowd.
A drone’s eye view of the Pitons and Mira’s anchorage.
A fitting good-bye sunset at one of our favorite Caribbean islands.


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