Thanksgiving in Grenada and on Mira

PAM:  We arrived from 4 different cities on 4 flights and 1 boat.  It took a massive amount of coordination and some speedy sailing (and, a little bit of luck) but …… somehow, all 6 of us made it to Grenada for a very special Thanksgiving week on Mira!  Especially sweet on Saturday night – to celebrate Kelly’s 23rd birthday!

Grenada, a southern Caribbean island just out of our reach during previous sailboat charters, was a spectacular surprise for all of us.  A day long island tour showed us the lush green mountains, crystal waterfalls, precocious monkeys, misty rainforests, golden beaches, spice, fruit and vegetable trees. Truly, a paradise. But, the most surprising discovery were the Grenadian people – warm and hospitable and excited to share and show off their island.


View of St. George from the mountains of Grenada.
The Mona monkey near the volcanic crater lake, Grand Etang, in the heart of Grenada.

                                                                         Kelly’s close encounter with a monkey.


Larissa doesn’t like the monkeys any better!


Royal Mt. Carmel waterfalls – crisp, clean, and very forceful!

River Antoine Rum factory is still making rum the same way since the mid 1800’s – a giant water wheel to crush the cane, dry stalks to heat the juice, large wooden scoops to move the juice from one cast-iron bowl to the next for the heating process. A beautiful, old structure that manages to churn out just enough 150 proof rum to supply Grenada – but still too strong to take home on the airplane!




Snorkel trip up the west coast to Molinere Bay to see the Underwater Sculpture Park.

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